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A more elaborate City Centre, offering a richer consumer experience. City Centre, New Town is the successful second edition of Kolkata’s new retail history, re-written in Salt Lake for the first time. Call it an eat-shop-hangout destination. Call it a park. Call it a plaza. It is Kolkata’s youngest lifestyle hotspot that is 'happening' in more ways than you can imagine.

Leveraging the benefits of a hybrid retailer mix, it presents an extended range from small unorganised to large-branded. Spread over almost 5-lakh sq ft, City Centre New Town comprises a shopping plaza, a food court, an entertainment arena, a cineplex and over 240 outlets. The Spine Plaza area covers 40,000 sq. ft. and the retail spread encompasses 3.5 lakh sq. ft.

A consumer experience that is bigger, wider, stronger and an address that makes you feel completely at home.


Just how is it so?


Retail variety

It comprises a balanced mix of major anchors, national brands, plain retailers and kiosks along with boutiques and a mini-bazaar. The options will cover the entire retail bandwidth from the unorganised at one end to the branded cum organised at the other, from street food at one end to a five-star dining experience at the other. Over 240 outlets. A wide choice in food and dining plus boutiques and a mini-bazaar, cineplex and gaming zone, fun engagements and festive events.


More cocktailed leisure options

In this world where there is a growing appetite for being made to feel special, at City Centre the feeling comes spontaneously. Here, the best of brands and vanilla stores come together in a unique potpourri of experience.

Shopping and Film watching. Business conferencing and Lounging. Marriage party and Hangout. Tourism and window-shopping. Health food and Health spa.


That ‘open’ feeling

A feeling of being in the open most of the time without remembering that it may be a tropical summer’s day really. The absence of dead ends enhances a sense of navigational seamlessness, reflected in walking endlessly through a number of mall areas, looking at a wider variety of offerings and leading to a more fulfilling consumer experience.


High-street and downtown ambience

The feel of a mall co-existing with a bazaar. Consumer options to suit all. Options are dispersed and mixed across the mall area in a no ‘zoning’ concept. A pluralistic architectural vocabulary.


Special pointers

Colourful graphics and humanoids at every intersection and on most facades to let visitors choose their own landmarks. Multiple bridges provide a spectacular arterial perspective from each position. When you enter City Centre New Town, you will be prompted to ask ‘Why do I need to go anywhere else?