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“City Centre New Town is a complete destination for the entire family.” - Harshavardhan Neotia, Chairman, Ambuja Neotia

What is distinctive about City Centre New Town?

"City Centre New Town takes its inspiration from some of the aspects that worked at City Centre Salt Lake, like the horizontal vast open spaces and a wide mix of branded and unbranded stores. However, City Centre New Town goes beyond City Centre Salt Lake in certain respects. City Centre Salt Lake had a monolithic architecture that ran through the entire development; it allowed each individual shop to create the variety. City Centre New Town in contrast is pluralistic as it addresses different architectural sensibilities seamlessly held together in a modern eclectic sense, which gives a distinctive and elaborate framework to house the various shops, restaurants and entertainment spaces."

What learnings from City Centre Salt Lake have enriched this offering?

"City Centre Salt Lake was conceptualised at a time when security concerns were different, so we designed the complex with about 14 entrances and exits. Due to security reasons, we have now had to close many of them and make only a few operational. In City Centre New Town, we have restricted these openings and exits to only three, making it more secure.

Besides, at City Centre Salt Lake, the architecture provided the consumer with a hide-and-seek opportunity in the corridors, though not literally. This caused some confusion among visitors in reaching the shop of their choice. At City Centre New Town, we have retained the character of the alleyways but simplified the circulation to improve navigation and help visitors reach the shop of their choice more easily.

We have also created more elaborate construction finishes at CCNT to enhance a sense of architectural richness and contemporariness."

How does all this translate into a value proposition for space owners?

"We believe we enjoy a good mix of major anchors, national brands and local retailers. Our comprehensive mix worked wonderfully for retailers at City Centre Salt Lake and it has worked in the same way at City Centre New Town as well."